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அகரம் எழுதத் தொடங்கிஅணிலாடும் முன்றில் ஏற்றி விளையாடிபாவாடை வயதில் தட்டமாலை சுற்றி பதின்ம வயதில் தைலம்பூ கேட்டதும் காணி மலையேறி கால் வலிக்கத் தேடித்தந்து தங்கையிவளெனக்கு என தரணியெங்கும் பறை... Read More
Chennai: Tamil Nadu government would establish a Centre of Excellence for capacity building for addressing the growing need of ICT skilled manpower, IT Minister N Subramanian told the state... Read More
Kathmandu: In a move to deepen economic ties with Nepal, India today agreed to build a pipeline from Bihar to Kathmandu for supply of petrol, diesel and ATF. Read More
New Delhi: The government today said it is considering a proposal to amend the Indian Post Office Act, making postal authorities responsible for non-delivery or loss in transit of articles for... Read More
New Delhi: A bill was today introduced in Lok Sabha to amend the securities market laws that would give more teeth to Sebi to crackdown on fraudulent investment schemes, seek information from any... Read More
New Delhi: The controversial Insurance bill has been deferred for consideration in the Rajya Sabha for the time being after a meeting of the government with opposition leaders failed to break the... Read More
New Delhi: Government today said it has earned a total revenue of about Rs 35,792 crore from telecom companies under various charges during the last three years. Read More
New Delhi: India refines more oil than the domestic requirement and the government seeks to develop the country as a refinery hub, Lok Sabha was informed today. Read More
New Delhi: Government today said its policy on telecom spectrum sharing, trading and allocation was transparent and there was no decline in the revenue collection through levying of spectrum charges. Read More
Chennai, Aug 4 : The Tamil Nadu government would confer e-governance awards on Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises and entrepreneurs who produce software to execute public utility services,... Read More
Chennai: Many flats owned by Tamil Nadu Housing Board are vacant across the state as government employees have moving out following the hike in salary by the Sixth Pay Commission, the government... Read More
Chennai, Aug 5 : The Madras High Court today hoped the union government would look into problems of Indian fishermen and try to find a reasonable solution to them. Read More
New Delhi: Pitching for greater accountability and transparency in utilisation of funds by NGOs, government today said it supports punishing those found guilty of such misconduct. Read More
Srinagar: President Pranab Mukherjee today said progressive legiislations like Right to Information provide an enabling environment and empower the citizens to access entitlements. Read More
New Delhi: President Pranab Mukherjee today said while there may be need for new institutions to fight corruption, the solution lies not merely in creating more institutions but in strengthening... Read More
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